Georgia Agricultural Helicopter Services

Georgia Agricultural Helicopter Services

Aerial Solutions for Agriculture

The aerial application of crop protection products in Georgia results in greater harvest yields of crops, does not cause soil compaction, and many times is the most economic, method for timely pesticide application. Helicopters allow fields to be sprayed with precision which allows less product to be applied and most jobs can be completed in a very short time. Atlanta Helicopter Charters has pilots and aircraft (including fixed-wing) ready to fly on short notice.

Georgia Agricultural Helicopter Services

Aerial Crop Protection

Complete Helicopter Services for Georgia Agriculture

Our Aerial Application Services

Maintain healthy and productive fields with precision aerial application from Atlanta Helicopter Charters. Be sure your products will be put where you want them on your row crops, orchards, or pastures. We guarantee the best application in Georgia with our team of expert pilots and state-of-the-art equipment.

Agricultural Helicopter Spraying in Georgia

Agricultural Helicopter Spraying in Georgia

Atlanta Helicopter Charters has helicopter partners available for aerial application of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, right of way vegetation control products, and more. While a great solution for any size field in Georgia, helicopters excel at working in small, congested areas that may be more challenging or simply too small to justify the use of an ag plane and our pilots are prepared to paint your products exactly where you need them quickly and efficiently.

Dry Speading Helicopter Georgia

Dry Spreading by Helicopter

Nothing helps you plant a cover crop quicker than a helicopter from Atlanta Helicopter Charters. Using a dry spreading bucket, cover crop planting and reclaimation seeding is fast and effective. A helicopter with a dry spreader also allows Georgia farmers to spread dry fertilizer and lime much faster than traditional ground based solutions.

Wet Spreading Helicopter in Georgia

Helicopter Wet Spreading in Georgia

When you need fast and effective hydro seeding or wet spreading of various slurry mixtures, Atlanta Helicopter Charters is standing by to get you the fastest solution available. We can customize any mixture including seed, mulch, fertilizer, lime, and water. When your terrain is challenging or your timeline is too short for typical seeding equipment, call Atlanta Helicopter Charters and let us assist you with a compelling aerial solution.

Georgia Frost Control by Helicopter

Helicopter Frost Control for Georgia Fields and Orchards

When a sudden frost threatens your harvest, there is often little that can be done. However, Atlanta Helicopter Charters has a solution that is both affordable and effective. Helicopter frost control flying grabs the warm air above an orchard or field in thermal inversion situations and pushes it down into your crop. An experienced pilot right here in Georgia can save your crop and, in turn, save you thousands of dollars in possible damages.

Fixed Wing Crop Dusters in Georgia

Fixed Wing Crop Dusters in Georgia

Some Georgia farmers prefer fixed wing airplanes for their crop dusting needs and Atlanta Helicopter Charters has the newest and most efficient aircraft available. Turboprop airplanes like the Pacific Aerospace PAC-750 XSTOL and the Air Tractor AT-802A now do ag work at record speed and with unparalled productivity. When you want the best ag planes for your fields and orchards, the team at Atlanta Helicopter Charters is ready to discuss the latest in aerial technology for agriculture with you.

Agricultural Helicopter Support and Nurse Trucks

Agricultural Helicopter Support and Nurse Trucks

A nurse truck from Atlanta Helicopter Charters has everything a helicopter applicator needs for the job, including fuel, chemicals, supplies and a landing pad on top. By pairing support trucks with the right helicopters, time wasting trips back to the nearest airport are eliminated and your aerial application job is completed faster. Most, if not all, of our helicopter aerial application quotes will include a support or nurse truck.

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Aerial spraying of crops and orchards has become one of the most valuable tools for agricultuaral success in Georgia. Effective application of herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides and more is critical for keeping the production of crops at optimum levels and Atlanta Helicopter Charters is here to help make the process easy. We have aerial spraying solutions available by both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft and are standing by to help you with both last minute and long-term contracts.

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