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No matter what form of aerial survey you need in Georgia, including magnetometer and electromagnetic surveys, LiDAR, GIS mapping and more, Atlanta Helicopter Charters can provide a wide range of options by combining the low flying and hover capabilities of helicopters. We also specialize in aerial filming specialty services to provide you with the latest and greatest in cinematography and photography technology or even simply remove a door so you can shoot handheld. When it comes to seeing Georgia from above, no one has more options available for you than Atlanta Helicopter Charters.

Aerial Surveys in Atlanta


LiDAR, GIS Maps, FLIR, HD Video & More

From pipeline surveys, to ROW inspections, to transmission line surveillance and patrols, Atlanta Helicopter Charters has the right aircraft, the proper equipment, and the experienced pilots that you need to get your project done right.

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Atlanta Helicopter Charters provides the tools needed to complete your land surveys, utilizing the right equipment to provide the aerial photos that are often needed.

An effective aerial survey makes ROW and site inspections, gathering of topographical data, or taking high-definition photos of an area for a commercial business project simple. Helicopter surveys are the best way to look over the Georgia terrain, inspect pipelines for leaks, detect problems with transmission lines, or take video and photos of property. Atlanta Helicopter Charters can develop the right photographic and remote sensing operations, custom fit to maximize technical and financial efficiency, as well as results.

A helicopter is able to fly much lower and much more slowly than a fixed wing aircraft, making it the ideal craft for aerial surveying. The FAA requires fixed aircraft to fly at least 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle, but helicopters can fly at a much lower altitude. Helicopters are also able to inspect troublesome or dangerous zones, giving engineers a point of view that is otherwise unattainable.

There is no better way to conduct your visual survey, animal population counts, soil drainage analysis, ROW inspections, pipeline and transmission line inspections, and geographical surveys.

Atlanta Helicopter Charters
LiDAR Imaging Atlanta
LiDAR Imaging

Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDAR, is a remote sensing method used to examine and measure Georgia topography as well as objects, like vegetation, upon it.

Infrared Imaging Atlanta
Infrared Imaging

Thermographic IR cameras are used to detect radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation, called thermograms.

Helicopter Gimbal Mounts in Atlanta
HD Video Gimbal Capture

Modern HD and 4K cameras can be mounted to helicopters, using the proper STCs, with a gimbal to stabilize photos & videos for detailed results.

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Aerial Filming Atlanta

Advanced Aerial Filming and Professional Videography

For expert camera work in the Atlanta Sky
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Atlanta Aerial Cinematography

Atlanta Helicopter Charters offers access to everything that you need for professional grade aerial cinematography in Georgia. Our Network can provide the latest technology to work out custom shoots, using gyro-stabilized camera mounts (Tyler Mounts, Wesscam, Cineflex, Pictorvision, and SpaceCam) with specialty cameras (Cineflex HD, RED Epic, Arri Alexa) and even 3D and experimental cameras. From air to air or ground to air shots, we can support all aspects for your production goals. Our pilots deliver excellent cinematography by working closely with your aerial DP's and directors to provide the visual results that you are looking for. Specializing in helicopters for both still and motion photography, Atlanta Helicopter Charters can provide for almost every media related operation in Georgia; film, television, documentaries, promotional videos, commercials, aerial props, relief work for television networks and coverage of historical and major sporting events with a variety of helicopters.

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Aerial Photography in Atlanta

Aerial Photos

Hand-held or Mounted OpTions in Atlanta

We will help you get the right equipment for your aerial photography project! Call 770-847-8005 today to get a fast, free quote.

The Most Options for Photography

The spectacular settings and breath taking views that Georgia provides are best captured from the sky. Discover for yourself on one of our aerial photography charters designed to exceed your expectations and help you capture exactly what you are you have painted in your mind's eye. Atlanta Helicopter Charters is prepared and excited to offer our clients the most affordable photographic opportunities of this kind in Georgia. Many helicopters can have the door removed for handheld projects but also please call for info on gyro mounts to get that extra bit of stability.

Superior Service

Every one of our customers gets a dedicated helicopter expert to assist with flight plans, tech loadouts, production logistics, project schedules, and other demands.

Over 500 Aircraft

Our network of direct air partners extends well beyond Atlanta, Georgia. This allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for even the most sophisticated projects.

The Best Equipment

From high-tech sensors like LiDAR, FLIR, and GIS to HD cameras and movie production gimbals, we're here to make your job as easy as possible.

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