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Disaster Response and Recovery in Atlanta

Rapid Emergency Response for Atlanta

Helicopters are a critical help when dealing with hurricanes especially in the initial stages of disaster response as well as later during reconstruction and recovery. In critical situations, victims cannot wait until a clearer picture of the damage has been established. We are prepared to help and have experts at disaster response logistics standing by to discuss options and aircraft that have been moved into the area.

Atlanta Helicopter Emergency Responders

Fast & Flexible Emergency Response

Helicopter Services for Georgia Natural Disasters


We are constantly updating the status of all aircraft to give you up to date information on the best available options. Mobilizing the right helicopter for your urgent need is our specialty. We offer fast and easy scheduling with your own dedicated helicopter charter expert that will handle the FAA flight plans as well as arrange any special requirements necessary to assist in your response or recovery needs.

Aerial Surveys in Georgia


For all your emergency needs


Get eyes on critical infrastructure and property fast. We have aircraft ready to mobilize on short time frames for eyes-on surveys as well as LiDAR, infrared, GIS mapping, photo and video missions and more. We have experience with inspection of railroads, transmission lines, natural gas and oil pipelines and more. We also have aircraft prepared for news coverage. Call now and allow one of our helicopter logistics experts walk you through the aerial survey solutions that we have ready for action.

Atlanta Helicopter Disaster Response

Disaster Response and Recovery in Georgia

When man-made or natural disasters strike Georgia, Atlanta Helicopter Charters has aircraft ready to mobilize for damage surveys, search and rescue missions, emergency medical response, hospital transfers, heavy lift operations, cargo and resupply missions, news gathering, and so much more. We stand by to help as soon as the unexpected takes place.

Atlanta Medical Helicopter Responders

Atlanta Emergency Charters and Hospital Transfers

We offer last minute air medical services in Atlanta by offering charters as well as air ambulance ACMI, dry, and wet leases. Helicopters greatly increase patient outcomes by offering fast hospital transfers as well as moving patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes. For more info on charters and leasing, call Atlanta Helicopter Charters today!

Atlanta Post Disaster Survey

Working with You for Additional Recovery & Response Surveys

You can utilize our top of the line aerial surveillance equipment & services, to get a detailed inspection of areas that have recently suffered from a natural disaster to identify if your company would be needed in the affected area. We work with many home repair and maintenance services to provide you high quality resources with quick and easy deployment, for any aerial surveillance needs.

Firefighting Helicopter in Georgia

Aerial Firefighting in Georgia

Atlanta Helicopter Charters has helicopter partners available for aerial firefighting contracts or emergency response. Helicopter-based firefighting is extremely effective when combined and coordinated with traditional firefighting teams. All of our pilots are experts with ground & snorkel tank filling operations, bucket fill operations, aerial firefighting strategies & tactics, and logistical coordination.

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After any natural disaster strikes, access to many areas could be limited or impossible. A helicopter with an experienced pilot or crew can solve this issue even with little notice. From rescue missions, to transfer of hospitalized victims or patients, and offshore operations, we can assist with emergency services and get the right helicopter deployed for you in short order. We also provide many forms of aerial surveillance, for additional recovery efforts. We understand that a natural disaster can create unique situations that demand flexibility in planning and execution. Call us today and let our logistics experts assist you in getting the right air support for anything that a large storm might throw at you.

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