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Meeting the Demands of Atlanta Business

Atlanta Helicopter Charters offers a wide range of services that help businesses and project managers in Georgia win contract bids and get jobs completed quickly and under budget. When you need helicopter lifting services, firefighting, aerial patrols, agriculture, specialized construction and more, our helicopter construction and utility network has the right mix to handle it. Versatile, quick and precise. When traditional means cannot tackle the job or become too costly, a helicopter from Atlanta Helicopter Charters can complete the mission. Below are just a few ways that we help Georgia get work it's done.

Atlanta Transmission Line Helicopter Services

Helping to Power Georgia

Helicopter Services for Georgia Utilities

Transmission Line Experts

From right of way patrols to tower construction and wire stringing, Atlanta Helicopter Charters has the right helicopters and the experienced pilots required to get the job done right. Transmission lines keep Georgia working and fast detection of problems with urgent response for repairs or the delivery of personnel is critical. Our team of experts is ready to mobilize small helicopters for ROW surveys or wire stringing, larger aircraft for delivery of supplies and manpower, as well as heavy lift helicopters for setting poles or constructing towers. Atlanta Helicopter Charters is prepared to help you with logistics and mobilization to all parts of Georgia right now.

Pipeline Surveys in Georgia

Georgia Pipeline Surveys

Patrols And Leak Detection Surveys

Natural Gas, Petroleum, & More

Pipelines for petroleum products, natural gas, water, sewage and more crisscross Georgia and are a critical part of the state's infrastructure. Atlanta Helicopter Charters keeps up-to-the-minute positioning of aircraft assets in Georgia to make sure that we can respond to pipeline emergencies quickly. However, if you are in need of regular scheduled patrols, we're prepared for that as well. Whatever your need is near Atlanta, our pipeline team is here to help with the logistics and mobilization.

Transmission Construction Helicopter in Georgia

Transmission Line Construction in Georgia

The installation of poles, stringing of wires, hanging of insulators and accouterments, when facilitated via the use of helicopters, can be completed in a fraction of the time. Utility and electrical companies, as well as contractors seeking helicopter support for utility installation, can reach out to Atlanta Helicopter Charters. We specialize in reserving helicopter-assist services for the utility construction and maintenance industry.

Atlanta ROW Clearing

Georgia Right of Way Trimming

Many of the early skeptics of the aerial saw have since found this tool to be safe, efficient and effective for line clearance. This service can not only save time, money, and unnecessary resources, but also has no terrain or mobility limitations that conventional methods are constrained by.

Atlanta Helicopter Pole Setting

Air Based Pole Setting in Georgia

Erecting single-pole lines and transmission structures using outdated conventional construction methods in mountainous, swampy, muddy, or snow and ice conditions is extremely difficult, slow, and can be costly. Single poles can be transported using our modern helicopter services to locations where land transportation is difficult or practically impossible

Atlanta Sports Field Drying

Georgia Athletic Field Drying

Over the past few years, helicopters have been used more and more to dry outdoor sports fields. By hovering low over the field, a helicopter's downward wash can dry your field on a short-term time frame right before the big game. If you are a field manager that has been hit with rain at the worst possible time, call us at Atlanta Helicopter Charters and see how we can help you get your field in order just in the nick of time!

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Helicopters can be utilized for an incredible number of uses. Our experts at Atlanta Helicopter Charters can use our utility and construction network in Georgia to mobilize aircraft for almost any utilitarian scenario that you can think of. Our experienced pilots are capable of precision long line work to very close tolerances in any environment. No matter what utility or construction job you need completed, give Atlanta Helicopter Charters a call today and let us be your one stop shop to handle all of your projects that require helicopters.

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